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The goal of the seminar is to analyze the language and logic of theological discourse. On typical accounts, only selected linguistic and logical aspects of theology are discussed, such as the problem of analogical terms or the so-called 'proofs' of God's existence. However, as any discourse, the theological one may be subject to more thorough formal scrutiny: it seems potentially fruitful to engage in the analysis of the structure of theological theories, the relationship between theology as a theory and other theories (e.g., science or philosophy), the problem of what kind of logic is suitable to reconstruct theological discourse, the question of the semantic values in theology, etc. In addressing such problems the seminar's participants will follow the footsteps of the members of the Kraków Circle (J. Bocheński, J. Salamucha, J.F. Drewnowski), who in the 1930s initiated the research in the formal reconstruction of religious discourse.

The "Language - Logic - Theology" seminar is funded from the research grant The Limits of Scientific Explanation, awarded by The John Templeton Foundation.